Thursday, October 18, 2012


When I was up at my grandma's house this year, I found a bunch of photo albums full of old photographs. There were a lot of my dad and my Aunt Lisa, as well as my grandma and grandpa...and of some family members I didn't ever know I had. haha I took a bunch of pictures of my favorites because I really want to remember these photos. For some reason, they are really special to treasures :) Here are a few,
I love these. They make me wonder what it would have been like to know my dad when he was growing up. Dude, that would have been awesome.



  1. I love old photos there is so much character in them. =)

  2. I love old photo albums; and the older they are,the more interesting!

  3. Hi, I love those photos, old photos are definitely the best! I just wanted to tell you, I'm from Mimicking God's Creation, your old blog! I know it's ages since you stopped that one, but I only just came across it today. I hope you're enjoying this blog! :)

  4. Great photography!!


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