Monday, October 29, 2012

currently, my life

Hello, my dears! I saw this post on Busy Bee Lauren a few weeks ago and I thought I'd bring it here... So, wondering what's up? Here's life:
currently, I am snacking on this:
[halloween candy. oh my goooooooooooooo---]
currently, I am smelling this:
**my house.**
currently, I am  listening to this:
[Viva la Vida. An amazing album by my favorite band of all time, Coldplay. I love all their albums, but this one happens to be one of my favorites. It is seriously beautiful and I love listening to it in the morning...or when I feel sad because this music makes me feel so much better.]
currently, I am reading this:
[I can't seem to read a book because there are so many I want to read that I don't have. So I have been sort of rereading a lot of the books I love and own. Like, right now I'm debating if I should reread the Hunger Games. Geez. Anywho, these books are the ones I really would like to read. Erg.]

currently, I am thinking about this person:
[His name is Jackson, but they call him Jack. I barely know him, but I do know who he is now. I met this little person at a park by my grandma's house when I was there this summer. In August. There was a jazz concert going on at the park, so the whole grass field was filled with people. Including him and I think his... grandma? He kept on coming up to me and throwing ping pong balls at me. He was adorable. I took a picture of him because I wanted to remember him. I wonder how he is now. His ...grandma... told me he had just learned to walk. I wonder how much he has learned now.]

Thursday, October 18, 2012


When I was up at my grandma's house this year, I found a bunch of photo albums full of old photographs. There were a lot of my dad and my Aunt Lisa, as well as my grandma and grandpa...and of some family members I didn't ever know I had. haha I took a bunch of pictures of my favorites because I really want to remember these photos. For some reason, they are really special to treasures :) Here are a few,
I love these. They make me wonder what it would have been like to know my dad when he was growing up. Dude, that would have been awesome.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Am I.

It's that moment when someone calls you something your not, makes fun of you, or looks at you like you're nothing... and it feels like they sucked the air out of you. For just a short time, you're stuck in that moment - replaying those words or their expression over and over again in your mind. Feeling the words sink down...slowly, just feeling it fall over you. Their face just stuck in your head. And when you're in your bed at night, you're staring at your ceiling, watching the fan rotate endlessly, and you can't fall asleep because what they said or did is still echoing in your mind. And you wonder if that's really who you are. If I'm really what they said.
Am I.   

Friday, October 5, 2012

books to read before i die

Between school and my insane life, I read books. There are so many I want to read...ugh, it's crazy. It gets to the point where I can't decide on which one I want to read, and in the end I start reading like, Peter Pan (like I'm doing right now). And which, by the way, I think I freaking love PETER PAN. Love him. No joke, people. In the meantime... these are some books I plan on reading before I die:
I heard about this book a few months ago and I am already in love with it. And yes, I heard about it before it turned into a movie, just letting you know. Now that the movie has come out, I'm just like I-need-this-book-so-I-can-read-it-love-it-and-go-see-the-movie. Anyway, I've read a little bit of this book and I love the main character, Charlie. He writes letters hoping that whoever he sends them to understands and hears what he's saying. I can relate a lot to his character. And plus, he writes. How can I not love him?

And there's Chris Evans. ... 
It sorta has a stupid name (I mean, c'mon, Nanny Diaries?), but it's a movie & a book, and I love it. I saw this movie over the summer when it randomly showed up on the Hallmark channel and I nearly cried over this little kid Grover and totally freaked out over Harvard Hottie...which happened to be Chris Evans. kill. me. now.  The movie ends and I found out it's a book!? Looked it up. Amazing. Must read this book. Must.

I dunno. It just sounds like a good book. And it's has Newberry medal. Means this book is some good stuff.

Anywho, what have you been wanting to read? What's your favorite book that you've ever read? Do tell, do tell :)