Wednesday, June 6, 2012

little update

That is me right now. ^ Yup, it's true.

I've been so excited about this blog. So excited! haha You have no idea - probably because I haven't written in a few days! Sorry about that...I'm still trying to figure this place out. I'm currently sorting out the purpose of this blog and what I want it to be about  (which can be about many things and literally everything). I just want to make sure it's stuff that Emma wants to write about, not what other people like to write about. At my old blog I'd write some stuff that I thought was cool, but it wasn't my passion. Or things just changed and I didn't feel like writing about it anymore. I know, lame. But, hey, I'm working on this blog and so far, I'm having a pretty good feeling about this place. :)

Anywho, I just read this awesome post over at a Beautiful Mess on blogging and I'm so inspired! I'll definitely be thinking about what this girl wrote and once thought through, I'll definitely be pulling it through to this blog! So happy.  

In the meantime, I realized I've never really made the official welcome of "Hi, I'm Emma," sort of thing. So hello!

I'm Emma.

I've always been the sort of artsy-fartsy sort of girl, like seriously since birth. haha I've always been more on the creative side and not completely on that whole adding numbers dealio going on. Anything artsy is where I'll be. I love, love, love to write. I have journals stacked up in my closet and I'm usually writing some random sentence on every ones' post-it notes. I like bright colors because they make me happy. :) And I love the smell of books (I am part nerd, by the way). Just thought you'd want to know. Finally, I just gotta say I love Jesus. He's definitely a guy I completely looooove and you'll probably hear a lot about him here and there. 

I love adventure. It's something that's always thrilled me since I was a kid. (Jackie Chan was one of my heroes. Truth.) I've always loved the different people from all over the world and I've always dreamed of going places (not saying that I'd like if you just shoved me off an airplane into some tropical jungle out there..) that I've never been before. And maybe this place is over the Internet, but in a way, I think this blog is an adventure too and I'm so glad that whoever you are is taking the time to read this. And's to adventure (in blogging, and maybe life)! ;)

And yes, just in case you were wondering, I'm still doing that jig right now. ^^^   

thanks for reading!!! hee hee hee :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

boy meets girl\\ hey girl

You've probably seen these "Hey Girl" things before but I found some really awesome ones. Ones that when I read them I am like, dead. haha I think these ones are like, Jesus-version, because they are pretty awesome and they give me hope for that future guy someday. Anywho, these guys in the pictures probably didn't say what is written but I like that whoever put these together used their faces. So, I decided I wanted to share some with you guys!! Let's start off with my personal favorite...
By far, the best one! I love it - modest is hottest. Nice (and catchy. haha) I think this is a great reminder. I mean, I think every girl wants attention from a guy at some point and a lot of girls do it through showing off their bodies. So remember... Modesty is hot.

Love this actor! haha (M.I.B.!! anyone, anyone?) I'm the sort of girl that likes to take notes in church, okay!? Sometimes I feel sorta nerdy, but whatever. I'm just sayin', according to this taking notes in church is adorable.
Ah, there is hope. :) There ARE guys out there who want to date you to possibly get married to you. 

haha This one is just funny, probably because I love Zac Efron. Yeah. And McKenna...does this remind you of anyone?? ...heh heh Cool Christian guys do exist. And sometimes they wear V-necks.

1 2 3 4 5
Embarrassing, but honest.

Anywho, which one is your favorite? And tell me what you think...I'd like to know if these helped you in any way. Maybe you thought they were lame but I thought they were cool and I'll be honest, they gave me hope. hahaha :) Shows me that there are awesome, on fire for God, and of course, good looking guys out there. So yeah, enjoy, my dear reader. :)