Friday, October 12, 2012

Am I.

It's that moment when someone calls you something your not, makes fun of you, or looks at you like you're nothing... and it feels like they sucked the air out of you. For just a short time, you're stuck in that moment - replaying those words or their expression over and over again in your mind. Feeling the words sink down...slowly, just feeling it fall over you. Their face just stuck in your head. And when you're in your bed at night, you're staring at your ceiling, watching the fan rotate endlessly, and you can't fall asleep because what they said or did is still echoing in your mind. And you wonder if that's really who you are. If I'm really what they said.
Am I.   


  1. Emma... you are beautiful, funny, nice, an amazing writer, smart, kind, and you are perfect just the way God made you. the list goes on and on.

    never change yourself because of what others say. you are made for greatness.

    hey just saying God sings this too you.

    when you smaile the hole world stops and stares for a wile. cus Emma your amazing just the way you are.

    Oh , her eyes , her eyes
    make the stars look like they're not shining ,
    & her hair , her hair , falls perfectly without her trying .
    She's so beautiful and I tell her every day .
    Yeah I know , I know when I compliment her ,
    she wont' believe me ,
    & it's so , it's so
    sad to think she dont' see what I see ,
    but everytime she asks me do I look okay , I say ,

    When I see your face ,
    there's not a thing that I would change ,
    cus you're amazing , just the way you are .
    And when you smile , the whole world stops & stares awhile ,
    cus girl you're amazing , just the way you are .

    Second Verse: (Rap)
    Now you the kind of girl people said I'd never see ,
    but girl you picture perfect & a masterpiece ,
    and I wonder if it's real , you're the woman of my dreams ,
    pretty prom queen , sweeter than a sixteen ,
    not a single thing about you I would ever change ,
    if perfect is your aim , then baby just stay the same ,
    got you on my mind , leave everything behind ,
    a dime so divine , you a one of a kind ,
    now you the kind of girl I can hold for my life ,
    smile for the light , yeah I found miss right ,
    your lips are minor kiss , your hips are minor grip ,
    forget the rest baby girl , cus I promise this is it ,
    and this is for you , I dedicate every bar ,
    and if you ever feel alone , I am never too far ,
    but no matter what I say , it will never phase you ,
    but baby God did his best work when he made you , yeah .


  2. Emma won't you take a step back from your own shadow and look at your soul for a while? What made them say that? Did it pop out of the blue? Or was it for a reason? I hope you can see what we see... Your writing makes my heart ache for some confidence to pass on to you. Won't you take a step back for a day? Won't you?

  3. I imagine we all have that happen at one time or another, I myself know the feeling. That is when one must know the difference between other people's untruths and God's truths; and then believe God's truth.


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