Wednesday, November 21, 2012

new tomorrow

i'm really excited.
like, the holidays are coming up and i'm actually... really excited. the cold air outside. christmas music playing. all the festive stuff up in stores already. the food. the feeling.
like, i'm excited. i haven't felt this way about this stuff since i was a little kid. i guess i sorta lost the excitement when i got older and things got harder when it comes to holidays... but this year, i feel happy about what's coming and actually want to do stuff and not just sit around and watch it go by. every year.
i guess you could say i'm fixing myself up by saying that whatever happens, i'll be okay.
what do you love about the holidays? favorite memory? feeling?
happy thanksgiving, guys :)

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  1. Hello, Emma

    well, just thought I would say that I miss your posts.
    I don't know if you are busy and if this will only pressure you- but if not, it would be nice to hear a lovely Emma-thought again.

    bye for now, and bless you!


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